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What Our Supporters Say

Please note that these are the views of our supporters and are not necessarily the views of Right2Link.



I am happy to support this crucial media freedom campaign

Alan Bullion, Lib Dem PPC for Sevenoaks, UK

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are both two way streets. It is not in the interests of open debate to expect freedoms on the one hand whilst pursuing constraints on the other.

Michael Hart, UK

Multi million pound organizations within the media or big business should not block ordinary people's right to information and knowledge about what happens in the world. It amounts to a form of fascism.

Mark Coupe, UK

The Right2Link is crucial. The internet is a fledgling (compared to say automobiles) and it brought us a kind of freedom, one we'd never known before. It allowed us expression and it opened up the world...all that will be closed if we lose the

Jimmy Lee Shreeve, UK

The right to link is as fundamental as the right of human beings to think. If this were "outlawed" then how long before opinion is also forbidden. The internet allows rights holders to exist in a new world of discovery.... Exploration is part of the DNA of the human race and "linking" a result of the fundamental need to share experiences and so learn. I strongly believe that we must protect copyright but at the same time be open and share information with others to prosper.

Jeff Henry, UK

I would not visit the sites I am linked to if the link sites were not in existence, so site visits and therefore advertising revenue would reduce! I support this campaign!

Dan Hearn, UK

Linking is critical to open access and operation of the internet.

John Barker, UK

There is very little content published by the traditional media online that is not already in the public domain. The special perspective and skills of the journalist add value in most instances.

However, if the publishers seek payment for these unique skills, they must also be prepared to reward the online contributers for their part in providing information, evidence or perspectives that they use through their contracted journalists.

Of course, the investment in information, evidence and perspectives by the online community is far bigger than the publishers which might give them pause to reconsider their present position.

David Phillips, UK

It seems to me that the main tenet of the internet - free exchange of information - is being broken by large corporations trying to make increased profits by preventing these links.

David Sharpe, UK

Newspapers voting to block links are like turkeys voting for Christmas. Where do they expect to get their traffic from now?

Gordon Lamb, USA

...the open and unfettered access to information has no price and no one of good moral consciousness should block the individual from accessing information that can help determine views and appreciating new knowledge learned.

Ben Odams, UK

To my mind, blocking the process of linking is not just an infringement of intellectual rights - the concept of blocking an abstract is strange in itself - but also counterproductive to the provider demanding the blockage.

Matt Gadd, UK