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The Right2Link Campaign has been formed to represent a broad coalition of individuals, organisations and businesses.

It exists to raise awareness of, counter threats to and campaign to protect our internet freedoms and in particular, the right to create, circulate, and follow links.

Its objective is to preserve links as a public amenity, and to preserve the internet freedoms associated with linking to web pages.

It is driven by the conviction that the World Wide Web is a universal information access tool. Like the streets and signposts we rely on to get about in the physical world, we believe our freedom to use the streets and signposts of the virtual world should not be unduly constrained by private interests.

Right2Link demands these freedoms for all Internet users, whether private individuals, consumers, citizens, businesses, campaigners, community groups, charities, NGOs, governments, states, or global organisations.

But Right2Link isn't demanding keys to all the houses in the street. It fully respects intellectual property rights and copyright, as it does the "fair use" exceptions provided for in law. Respecting a fair balance of these in the context of an online society — that thrives socially and economically thanks to its ability to access easily information on the web — is what the Right2Link campaign is all about.

Its founding sponsor is The campaign is fully supported by other organisations including Meltwater, Alacra, ZenarkCyberWatcher, the PRCA and the CIPR.

How can I help?
  1. Sign up to our Campaign to show your support and to be informed about developments that could affect you. We will also tell you how and when you can get more involved.
  2. Inform your friends and colleagues of the Campaign. Use our SHARE - BOOKMARK links above.
  3. Place a Right2Link Supporter logo on your website or blog, if you have one, and link it to