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What Our Supporters Say

Please note that these are the views of our supporters and are not necessarily the views of Right2Link.

Fighting Talk


Linking is freedom of information. Has been since the beginning.

Joe Mctiernan, UK

The print dinosaurs are wrong.

Chris Patten, UK

The internet, by its very nature is free - a result of Tim Berners-Lee's astounding vision and altruism - for megalomaniacal, oligarch media-barons to attempt to 'hijack' such for profit is shameful. They must not be allowed to prevail!! Fight it!!!

Sid Murphy, UK

The internet is not a private members club. It is something that has developed for all. Anything that an internet user does not want others to see should not be put on the internet in the first place.

Richard Jennings, UK

Take away our freedom and we may as well turn the lights out.

Michael Jolly, UK

What the timesonline is planning to do amounts to censorship. They are trying to stop the flow of information to the public. They should be opposed.

Adrian Lohrey, UK

This is like the Nazis trying to stop the flow of information to keep the masses blissfully ignorant! Totally abhorrent in this day and age - the age of freedom of speech and freedom of information.

Dave Nixon, UK

A URL is equivalent to a postal address and can never be copyrighted.

Nigel Oldfield, UK

This is about freedom--freedom of access! Corporate news media has too much power already!

Lee Pulliam, USA

Without links to join sites of mutual interest together, there would BE no internet.

Ketlan Ossowski, UK

Don't let them get away with it. It starts with things like this. What next?

James Cochlin, UK

This is an unacceptable attempt to create ownership of links upon the Internet.... Well it's about time that megalomaniac press barons realised that they cannot buy joe public in the same way that they buy politicians.

Tony Hall-Jones, UK

I am just appalled at what is happening.

Eddy Bites, UK

The restrictors and censurers have only their own interests in mind, their power, their control, their profit. They are greedy, arrogant, undemocratic and careless of the damage they cause. They need stopping.

John Hedges, UK

Whatever happened to freedom of speech and sharing of knowledge?

Gary Wood, UK

Save our right to link. Say NO to a web dictatorship.

Jon Smith, UK

Not seeing News International output is not much of a disadvantage! But the principle is paramount.

Gerry Bond, UK

This is what the web was supposed to be about; the free interlinking of documents. I find it incredible that this retrograde step could even be contemplated.

Bill Montgomery, UK

Bad show News International. You are nothing without your customers, and you treat them like this? This is not the answer, stopping links! Find a better way over your problem, until then, I will not buy a newspaper...

Michael Crawfield, Ireland

Censorship in any form needs to be confronted.

Gary Warman, UK

Times Online and others who block linking need to join the real world.

Stiofain Mac Dhaibhead, Ireland

We need these links! They are what makes the internet what it is! What difference does it REALLY make to the owners of the articles? NOTHING!

Matt Ryan, UK

The web is free so if they don't want us to view it via a link they should stick to printing and stay off line.

Eddie O'Reilly, UK

I am a regular subscriber to The Times newspaper. However, until this nonsensical edict is withdrawn I will boycott the newspaper.

Bertie Gillham, UK

More eroding of rights to information, they must be stopped.

Jeff Learmouth, UK


Rob O'Callaghan, UK

...keep up the good fight to preserve our right to link!

Larry Reynolds, Singapore