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What Our Supporters Say

Please note that these are the views of our supporters and are not necessarily the views of Right2Link.

A global Issue


I run a modest little blog on matters concerning the Western Balkans and linkage is a key part of my blog....Not being able to share links would be devastating for my blog and for my favorite web-site, Mario's cyberspace Station and for MeFi and other things I look at and enjoy online.

Aileen Kane, USA

The humanitarian community use this facility to bring important information to good humanitarian governance - restriction will impede good humanitarian response.

Robin Bovey, Portugal


Norman Englender, South Africa

The right to freedom of information and communication is fundamental to human rights. Stifling it by restricting linking is an unequivocal abuse to the liberty of others whatever the means employed to disguise any such potential measures of dictatorship and oppression.

Rich Eno, Cameroon

The web was invented to share information, attempts to restrict are typical of old fashioned commerce that are too scared to adapt to a new economy.

Phil Richard, Malta

The internet NEEDS to change our world. Throughout history changes in technology have created new markets and killed old ones. The steam engine, the railways, the telephone and now the computer have been and are enablers of dramatic transformation and reactionary businesses, who feel threatened by this new world, must not be allowed to stop this evolution.

Stephen Carey, UK

Right to link is necessary for different categories of people .. and definitely students.

Kartik Sharma, India